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Samsung Galaxy SII – Bug

Sadly, I got some bad reviews because the new Samsung S2 Owners where having some problems with the Game (The Defense). A friend of mine has a S2 and i invited him over to take a look at the problem, but I wasn’t able to fix it. The Problem seems not to be a Implementation fault. I narrowd it down to the SoundPool but the SoundPool in Android is only a Wrapper for the native SoundPool Class from Android OS.

So I opened a Issue on the BUG Tracking System in Android (Issue 17623) and it seems that this bug is not only related to my game. There is a Workaround for S2 Users: Simply go to Options and disable SoundFX. The Music will still work because the background music is processed via the MediaPlayer.

So If you have a solution to the HeapDump Problem with the Soundpool, let me know =)

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