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Tower Defense Reviews

Recently i got my first review from a Swiss mobile online magazine. I think it’s a good read if you are familiar with reading German. You’ll find it here: pocket.ch Even though there are some complains about better graphics in the comments I think you’ll never get rid of people having different opinions about things. You’ll measured against everything out there, regardless if you single handed created every pixel and line of code in the game, or if you are a game company. Anyway, there are some things I’ll take care of in the next patch, like a small tutorial, or maybe a feedback button.

When it comes to the android market, the reviews are “ok” currently. There are some people off-voting you game in the market while barely playing more than 1 minute, or complaining why the full version is not free. Metaphorically translated to a real life situation you could sit in a bar and complaining to a waitress why you drink costs 4$ while you mother at home don’t charge you for anything 😉



Review (german) from AppyouAndroid: Rating 17/20  ( –> Link)

Review (german) from Pocket.ch: Rating 5/5 ( –> Link)


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