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The Defense – defeated ?

June 2nd, 2011 No comments

Hi there gamers,

i noticed today, that someone by the name of “Caedmon” on the medium league actually got to Level 99 which means – he / she got to the end. WoW, never had expected that in about 4 weeks of release. Would be interesting to know what strategies are actually out there. If you have any screenshot of you high score, or you have some additional Ideas, maybe to make the game even more challenging, let me know 😉

Tower Defense Reviews

May 21st, 2011 9 comments

Recently i got my first review from a Swiss mobile online magazine. I think it’s a good read if you are familiar with reading German. You’ll find it here: Even though there are some complains about better graphics in the comments I think you’ll never get rid of people having different opinions about things. You’ll measured against everything out there, regardless if you single handed created every pixel and line of code in the game, or if you are a game company. Anyway, there are some things I’ll take care of in the next patch, like a small tutorial, or maybe a feedback button.

When it comes to the android market, the reviews are “ok” currently. There are some people off-voting you game in the market while barely playing more than 1 minute, or complaining why the full version is not free. Metaphorically translated to a real life situation you could sit in a bar and complaining to a waitress why you drink costs 4$ while you mother at home don’t charge you for anything 😉



Review (german) from AppyouAndroid: Rating 17/20  ( –> Link)

Review (german) from Rating 5/5 ( –> Link)


How does your developer notes look like ?

April 20th, 2011 No comments

Some “weeks” ago I bought some cork plates for my personal “wall of brain-damage”. Don’t know if you can comprehend this, but when it comes to game logic sometimes your brain can follow anymore. My workaround is to visualize things that are a little more complex, so i began to work with excel or small hand-drawings. After my recent Tower Defense game I will offer you my final boad status.

Especially interesting is the Diagram at the center / bottom of the picture. This is the “curve of difficulty” in the game…so the first 1-50 level are more or less casual, but after that it’s getting pretty messy

Tower Defense Game for Android

April 9th, 2011 1 comment

So the game is near completion an only a few days to the release. Take a look at the Game Page and let me know how you like it. Nearly 14.000 Lines of Code, over 400 unique created images / animations / sounds. This should at least last for yome hours of mayhem on your android device.

I just created a Facebook Page for all that may contribute rather on Facebook. I’m very interested in Feedback or Ideas how to improve the game, so doon’t hesitate in writing me a mail or contact me on Facebook.

Path finding / Routing in Games

September 8th, 2010 No comments

On of the more complex Topics in Game-Development is the Path finding Problem. The task is simple : “Go from Point A to Point B on the shortest Distance”. Mostly seen in some Tower Defense games. The easiest way to solve this is to give your moving objects a pre-defined path. You’ll see that in a lot of Tower Defense Games because it’s plain simple.

Some of the other Tower Defense Games are keeping the Path finding simple by only moving in 4 Directions, so always move in a right angle. This makes the math behind the calculations a Lot easier. But this looks a little bit stupid to me when NPCs running against a wall, and then moving left or right. So by searching for some algorithm that performs well an consider at least 8 directions, if found nothing handy in the web.

The Solution was to make my own Route-Algorithm which looks pretty clean at the Moment and performs pretty good. I wrote some tests that print a result route in a HTML File:

The image shows the route path in green, the blocked Parts in red. The start point is on the top , the end point at the bottom. How dows the algorithm work ? In short words: I pre calculate the complete Gamefield, every Field has a “weight”. So if your Objects starts moving it always knows the next step from the current field by looking at all neighbor fields. So the routing is fixed as long as no more “blocks” are occurring, so you only have to calculate one time and work with that result till something changes.

Let the music play…

September 3rd, 2010 1 comment

While a game consists usually of more pieces than simple code, from my point of view music and sound effects are a big part of the fun.  By testing a lot of “successful” games, i noticed that the have mostly pretty poor sound effects or music.

The reason for this could be the more or less poor implementation of MediaPlayer Capabilities in Games. As Developer you will struggle in playing multiple sounds at once, or loops that run smooth. There are several things that currently look more like a “workaround” implementation-wise, like the SoundPool.

Whatever…here are some samples of background loops it created recently, enjoy:

Loop Choir
Loop Piano
Loop E-Bass

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